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Concept Case SLM 2.5L

Hi all! I have prepared a case model for mini-ITX motherboards without a video card. Power supply via pico PSU and a special internal power supply unit (I will talk about it a little later).

  • Size: 2.5L (195mm x 192mm x 67mm)

  • Material: aluminum (1.5mm)

  • MB: mini ITX (170 x 170mm)

  • GPU: no. CPU integrated graphics

  • Cooler: up to 47mm CRYORIG C7G compatible

  • RAM: up to 55 mm

  • Storage: M.2 and SSD / HDD: 1 x 2.5 "5-7mm the drive will cut the maximum height of the cooler

  • PSU: pico HDPLEX DC-ATX or Dynamo Mini + PSU built into the case

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