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SLM1m 2.5L


SLM1m 2.5L  - super small case for mini-ITX motherboards. It can be equipped with an internal power supply unit Power_ON or HDPlex 250W GaN AIO. For building an ideal, super compact computer, without a video card!



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  • Super  mini case made of aluminum weighing only 0.6 kg

  • Unique ventilation holes for high-quality ventilation

  • Size: 200 x 193 x 67 mm

  • We paint with powder paint in different colors

  • For assembly without a video card, use a CPU with integrated graphics

  • Compatible with pico PSU HDPlex or HDPlex 250W GaN AIO

  • ​The housing supports the installation of  mini-ITX format system boards (170x170mm)

  • Use low-profile coolers for CPU cooling, with a height of no more than 48mm.

  • The permissible height of the RAM bars is no more than 53 mm

  • For power, setHDPlex 250W GaN AIO or pico PSU and external power supply
    *the case can be equipped with an internal Power_ON power supply, in this casein this case, an external BZ is not needed

  • One 2.5" drive can be installed above the cooler
    *the thickness of the drive reduces the permissible height of the CPU cooler.


Recommended for assembly, in the case

SLM1m 2.5L following configuration.

  • CPU:      max TDP 65W

  • Cooler:  Scythe Kodati BSCKDT-1100
                    JONSBO HP-400
                    NOCTUA NH-L9i / NH-L9a
                    Thermolab (cooltek) ITX30

  • PSU:       HDPlex 250W GaN AIO
                    pico PSU HDPLEX 200W
                    - psu external 19.5V 180-240W
                    or internal Power_ON PSU

Model SLM1m 2.5L
Model SLM1m 2.5L
Model SLM1m 2.5L8
Model SLM1m 2.5L
Model SLM1m 2.5L
Model SLM1m 2.5L
Model SLM1m 2.5L
Model SLM1m 2.5L
Model SLM1m 2.5L
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