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🆕New possibilities for ordering a case

Today we will tell you about some of the changes.

What can we offer:

▶ ️Make the body to the desired size.

You can take an existing model as a basis and change its size or make a case according to your requirements.

▶ ️Made of different material and thickness.

It could be Steel, Aluminum or even Titanium!

▶ ️Add a window made of Acrylic or Glass.

▶ ️Cut out your logo in metal and add backlighting.

▶ ️ Let's paint in the color you want.

We have gloss, mat, texture paints in different colors according to the RAL catalog. There are also metallics and varnishes.

▶ ️Set the button and different USB connectors in the desired location and quantity.

💶The cost of the case under the order is calculated individually after agreement.

👨‍🔧We will be happy to make you something unique!

Link to our store.

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