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SLM3 8.0L


Despite the small volume of the case SLM3 8.0L rev.5, you can assemble a fairly powerful PC in it. Maximum ease of assembly due to simple design. Place the computer assembled in the case vertically or horizontally.

A three-slot video card can be installed in the case, for example Founders Edition RTX 4080. Also, as an option, a mini-ITX video card and SRO for the Central Processor. Power supply inside SFX format, for example CoolerMaster V1300.

  • Case made entirely of 1.5mm aluminum

  • Compatible with three-slot video cards

  • Size: 345 x 312 x 75mm

  • We paint with powder paint in different colors

  • The video card is connected via a PCI-e riser cable

  • Compatible with SFX-L Power Supply Units

  • Removable stand for vertical installation

  • PCIe x16 riser: 270° 300mm

  • Body weight - 1.8 kg


  • ​The housing supports the installation of  mini-ITX format system boards (170x170mm)

  • Compatible with video cards up to 305mm long, 
    three slots (up to 61mm)

  • Use low-profile coolers for CPU cooling, no more than 50mm high.
    *the case is also compatible with liquid cooling systems, we recommend  Asetek 645L. Take into account that the radiator takes up space for the video card, see the photo

  • The permissible height of the RAM bars is no more than 55 mm

  • Use SFX or SFX-L power supply units for power supply

  • Several 2.5" format drives can be installed under the video card
    *if the video card is dual-slot


  • Maybe install one 3.5" drive
    and up to six 2.5" formats, but wi
    th limitations.
    See the assembly guide.


Recommended for MAXIMUM  

game assembly, in case SLM3 8L

the following configuration.

  • CPU:      Core i5 / RYZEN 5 maxTDP 95W

  • Cooler: CRYORIG C7cu /C7G/

                       Alpenfoehn BR "DAN"
                       Thermalright AXP90-X47 Full Copper


  • GPU:     Nvidia RTX4080 FE
                   Nvidia RTX3080 FE 


  • PSU:      Corsair SF750 Pl /CM V1100 Pl
                    SilverStone SX750-Pl / SX700-PT

                   Cooler Master V series



  • Maximum video card​

The length is not more than 305 mm,

three slots (62mm)

  • Mini video card + radiator 92:

No more than 200 mm in length,

three slots (62mm), or two slots + 2x 2.5" SSD

*can be installed instead of a radiator

3.5" format drive

  • Mini video card + radiator 120:

No more than 182 mm in length,

2.5 slots + 2x 2.5" SSD

  • Height:
    with BZ format SFX - 140 mm
    with BZ format SFX-L – 130 mm

Notes: Dimensions do not include PCI bracket

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