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SL3 4.8L

SL3 4.8L rev.3 is the smallest case compatible with Low Profile video cards installed without a riser cable.

​Power supply units are suitable for flex 1U or HDplex format

  • The case is made of strong carbon steel or aluminum with a thickness of 1 mm

  • Compatible with Low Profile video cards

  • Size: 258 x 211 x 88mm

  • We paint with powder paint in different colors

  • In the new revision, the side covers are removable

  • Special nuts with a thread of more than 3 mm are installed.

  • The weight of the aluminum case is 0.5 kg
    (steel 1.5 kg)


  • Compatible with BJ flex 1U and HDplex GaN

  • Chassis supports 170 x 170mm mini-ITX motherboards

  • Use coolers to cool the CPU, no more than 70mm high.

  • Compatible with Low Profile mini video cards up to 190mm long,
    two slots

  • You can also install one 2.5" drive.

  • Flex 1U or HDplex 250 GaN and HDplex 500 GaN power supplies are compatible with the case


Recommended for assembly, in a case

SL2 3.7L​the following configuration

  • CPU:      max TDP 130W

  • cooler:  NOCTUA NH-L9x65
                   Scythe Big Shuriken 3


  • GPU:      Low Profile 

  • PSU:      FSP flexGURU300W 
                   Seasonic SSP-300SUB
                   HDPLEX 250W GaN

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