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Only the best materials and solutions for the perfect PC case.

  • Combination of light Aluminium-Magnesium alloy and Carbon Steel 

  • Thoughtful Ventilation for Each Model

  • Painted with high quality powder paint

  • Our Cable MOD for Easy Assembly

  • Branded riser PCIe 16x Li-Heat cable

  • Delivery to more than 135 countries!
    *We do not ship to Russia, Belarus and other closed countries.

If you find it difficult to decide on the choice, we advise you to go to the " Help with the choice " section .

Compact models of cases for motherboards and video cards of the mini-ITX standard. Build a Powerful RAZEN™5 Gaming Mini PC with GeForce RTX™ 3060 Graphics

The SLM1 4L model is the most compact option for building a mini PC.

The case is completely made of aluminum.

It can be positioned both vertically and horizontally. Power supply of components from an external power supply unit and a pico PSU converter.

SLM1 4.png

The FX 4.5L is an all-in-one build. The case is made of aluminum with a steel frame, which gives great strength. Compatible with 1U ATX flex server power supplies.
The power supplies themselves with shortened cables, you can also order from us.

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SLM2 57.png