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Table of compatibility of components

​This table does not give a complete picture of compatibility. For a detailed description and recommendations, see the pages of the selected models. For example, the SLM4 10L model does not support the simultaneous installation of an ATX motherboard and three slot video cards, but supports them in combination with other components, similar to other cases.

Motherboards (MB)

  • mini-ITX [170x170mm]
    all models of cases


  • mini-DTX [203x 170mm]
    SL3 4.8L / SLM4 10L / SX5 13L

    the SX5 13L model requires a different riser cable

  • micro-ATX [244 x 244mm]
    SLM4 10L 
    (only with 2-slot video cards)

  • standard-ATX [305 x 244mm]
    SLM4 10L (only with 2-slot video cards)  

  • E-ATX
    not supported by any model

Power supplies (PSU)

  • pico-PSU  with an external power supply
    SL1 2.1LSLM1m 2.6L / MINI 3.3L


  • HDPlex 250W GaN AIO
    SLM1m 2.6L / SLM1 3.9L / SL3 4.8L / SLM2 5.7L rev.5


  • HDPlex 500W GaN AIO
    SL3 4.8L / SLM2 5.7L rev.5


  • flex 1U ATX [41x82x150mm]
    SL2 3.4L / SL2 3.7L / SL3 4.8L / FX 4.2L / FX 4.9L / SLM2 6L rev.6


  • SFX / SFX-l [125x125x64mm]
    SXM1 6.3L / SX1 6.8L / SXM2 7.3L / SX2 7.5L / SLM3 8L /  SLM4 10L /  SX5 13L

    for the SX1 6.8L model, I recommend only the SFX format [125x100x64mm]

  • ATX
    not supported by any model

CPU cooler

  • height up to 39mm
    SL1 2.1L / MINI 3.3L/ FX 4.2L /
    SLM1 3.9L
    I recommend the Noctua NH-L9i/a cooler

  • height up to 48mm
    SLM1m 2.6L / SL2 3.4L /
    FX 4.9LSLM1m 2.6L SLM2 5.7L / SX1 6.8L 

  • height up to 52mm
    model:  SX2 7.5L 

  • height up to 57mm
    models:  SLM3 8L /  SX5 13L

  • height up to 70mm
    SL2 3.7L SL3 4.8LSXM1 6.3LSXM2 7.3L
    for SL2 3.7L model, only if without basket with 2.5" drives

Radiator Liquid Cooling

  • radiator 92
    SX2 7.5L / SLM3 8L
     SLM4 10L /  SX5 13L

  • radiator 120
    SLM3 8L /  SLM4 10L /
      SX5 13L

  • radiator 240-280
    model: SX5 13L

Video cards (GPU)

  • without GPU
    SL1 2.1L
    SLM1m 2.6L / SL2 3.4L / SL2 3.7L / SXM1 Liquid Cooling /  SXM1 MB edit.

  • LowProfile >190mm 2-slots
    SLM1 3.9L /
    SL3 4.8L 

  • mini-ITX >185mm 2-slots
    MINI 3.3L/
    FX 4.2L / FX 4.9LSXM1 6.3L 

  • mini >210mm 2-slots
    models: SLM2 5.7L 

  • mini >242mm 2.7-slots
    SLM2 5.7L 


  • GPU >300mm 2-slots
    SX1 6.8L
    SX2 7.5L 

  • GPU >305mm 3-slots
    SLM3 8L  


  • GPU >332mm 3-slots
    SX5 13L 


  • GPU >370mm 3-slots
    model: SLM4 10L 

Drives (SSD/HDD)

  • without 2.5"
    MINI 3.3LSLM1 3.9L


  • 1x 2.5" 
    SL1 2.1L / SLM1m 2.6L / 
    FX 4.2L / SX1 6.8LSX2 7.5L 

  • 2x 2.5" 
    SL2 3.4L
    / SL2 3.7L / SL3 4.8L / FX 4.9LSXM1 6.3L / SLM2 5.7L / SX5 13L 

  • 4x 2.5" 
    модель: SLM3 8L 


  • 7x 2.5" 
    model: SLM4 10L 

  • 1x 3.5" 
    models: SLM3 8L / SLM4 10L

  • Cases for standard video cards
    In our mini cases, you can assemble a powerful computer for gaming, streaming, video editing and other resource-intensive tasks. Top mini-ITX format motherboards can be used as a basis for building TOP PCs with intel Core i7 and AMD RYZEN processors. SFX format BJs can have a power reserve of up to 1300W, which is quite enough to power Geforce RTX 4090-level video cards and CPUs! SX1 6.8L The case accommodates full-size dual-slot video cards and SFX power supplies. SX2 7.5L The case accommodates full-size graphics cards and SFX power supplies. A liquid cooling system from Asetec can also be used to cool the CPU. SLM3 8L The most compact model can accommodate three slot video cards, for example RTX 4080 Founders Edition. Also, the case is well ventilated, which allows for efficient cooling of components. SX5 13L The case supports the installation of liquid cooling for top processors. You can also install three-slot video cards and SFX or SFX-L format power supplies. SLM4 10L The model supports several options for placing components. It can be a full-size ATX or micro ATX motherboard with two video card slots of any length. The second option is mini-ITX and a three-slot video card.
  • Cases by individual order.
    We accept individual orders for the production of cases and stands. It may take several months to develop and manufacture. We can prepare drawings for serial production or make a ready-made case. How do we work? To get started, send us the TOR (Technical Terms of Reference) to our mail After looking, we will be able to determine the complexity and calculate the cost. ​ What must be specified in the TOR? 1.List the components that you plan to install to the case. For some components, it is enough to specify the format or size (for example, micro ATX 245x200mm) 2.Describe what the case should be: Size, Materials, Paint Color, etc. 3.Attach pictures and diagrams to writing, you can draw them by hand. ​ ​
  • Mini cases for two fan video cards
    SLM2 5.7L The aluminum model is designed for two fan video cards and an HDPlex 500 GaN power supply. The case can be placed horizontally or vertically using a special stand. SXM2 7.3L This is a tower-type model with a more common SFX format power supply. We make these cases both from aluminum with a steel frame, and exclusively from steel.
  • PC models without video cards.
    Many modern processors, both intel and AMD, have integrated graphics, which hop. By assembling a computer without a video card, you save the budget. If you need a computer for modern games, then pay attention to larger cases. SL1 2.1L The Compact Model itself, but the Power Supply Unit is external. This can be a plus if the PC assembled in it hangs behind the monitor. SL2 3.3L та SL2 3.7L Slightly larger models, but already with an internal PSU of flex 1U format. The weight of the assembled PC in such a case is approximately 2 kg. The difference between the models of the location of the power supply unit. In the SL2 3.3L model, the block is located horizontally, due to which it turned out to be thinner. In the SL2 3.7L model, the fuel tank is located vertically. The case is thicker, which makes it possible to install a higher cooler up to 70 mm and a low-profile module in the PCIe connector. SLM1m 2.6L All-aluminum housing for an internal HDplex 250 GaN power supply. If you need a portable PC with an internal power supply, this case is for you.
  • Models with mini video cards.
    Extremely light and compact! Exactly, this should be a computer for those who often carry it with them. Of course, the size of the selected model should correspond to future tasks. If this is a low-power PC, for example, for watching YouTube, then the models from the list above will suit you perfectly☝. If the computer is for something bigger, for example, for modern games, then graphics integrated into the CPU will not be enough. It is good that some manufacturers make compact copies of even powerful video cards, for example with RTX4060 video chips. MINI Arrangement of components like "Sandwich". Supply of components from an external power source and a pico PSU converter. SLM1 3.9L The case model is made in a slim format, which can be very convenient during transportation. Also, the body is made entirely of aluminum, which makes it very light. This model is only compatible with Low Profile video cards and HDplex 250 GaN power supplies. FX 4.5L and FX 4.9L A slightly larger model, but already with a flex 1U format power supply unit. The weight of the assembled PC in such a case will be approximately 3-4 kg. The difference between these models is in the design and size of the maximum permissible cooler for the CPU. SXM1 6.3L The difference from FX is compatibility with the more common PSU format - SFX, as well as SFX-L. As a result, more volume and slightly more weight. Do not choose models with windows if you are going on a trip.
  • Will the video card work worse when connected via a riser?
    In most of our mini cases, video cards are connected to the motherboard via a riser cable. Not all riser loops are made according to technology and can provide a high-quality signal. As a rule, cheap copies often fail. We offer only proven and reliable riser loops for purchase with our cases.
  • Which cases are compatible with micro ATX and ATX motherboards?
    Currently, there is only one model - SLM4 10L, which supports micro ATX and ATX motherboards.
  • Can the mini ITX format be considered full-fledged?
    Modern motherboards of the mini-ITX format have enough power phases, which allows you to install powerful processors such as Intel Core i9 or AMD RYZEN9 on them. Also, some top models of mini-ITX boards support DDR4 RAM up to 64Gb or DDR5 up to 96Gb, which works in two-channel mode. As for the support of the high frequency of the RAM, it is on the mini-ITX boards that they set records for overclocking the RAM. Most video cards of the mini-ITX format are equipped with a regular GPU, as on reference models, and enough power phases for the operation of the video card. However, there is no reserve for overclocking the video card, and the reduced cooling system will not allow them to be overclocked. Almost all mini-ITX boards have built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules for wireless connection of devices and data transfer.
  • Do mini video cards heat up and make noise?
    For example, the modern Palit StprmX RTX4060ti mini model has a modest cooling system in the form of an aluminum radiator pierced with only four copper evaporation pipes and one 90mm fan. Is this cooling enough? Quite! Temperatures under load are approximately the same as those of larger siblings. The video card controls the speed of the fan itself and at 100% load does not spin it to the maximum, as a result the noise levels are acceptable. Of course, different manufacturers have different cooling systems and, as a result, temperature and noise indicators may differ.
  • Which CPU cooler to choose?
    We understand that it is not an easy task to choose the right size, cost and efficiency Cooler for mini PC. We try to follow the latest developments in the world of SFF components, including CPU cooling systems. We make video reviews of the most interesting specimens on our YouTube channel. We also created a special TABLE for comparing mini coolers, which we constantly update
  • Flex ATX 1U power supplies?
    As in the case of the cooler, choosing a power supply unit for FX and SL2 models is not an easy task. Local stores may not have such a BJ format or single copies at all. In our store you can buy a set of Housing + BJ with shortened cables for ease of assembly. You can also see what models exist and read the specifications in our TABLE. Branded flex ATX motherboards are very reliable because they are designed for servers that work 24/7. Despite their reliability, only single copies of flex BZ can be called quiet. This is related to the field of their use, namely server where the noise level is not so important. Recently, some manufacturers still produce models for personal mini computers. SilverStone FX350-G can be considered the first, although not very quiet, model. And the most successful, both in terms of silence and performance, was the Enhance ENP-7660B - 600W model from OVERTEK.
  • Are all-steel cases stronger?
    We did not put the cases under the press to set accurately. However, we can assure you that all our cases are quite durable. Steel cases are made of sheet metal with a thickness of at least 1 mm. Aluminum parts from a sheet from 1 to 3 mm, a special alloy containing magnesium. This fairly strong alloy is often used in ships and aircraft. Despite the fact that the cases are quite light, it is worth remembering that a computer assembled even in a small FX 4.7L case can weigh 4-5 kg. With such a weight, a fall even from a meter height, for example, from a table, can seriously deform the case and damage the components inside.
  • Cases made of acrylic.
    We do not make the case entirely from acrylic. In some cases, at the request of the client, we can install windows made of acrylic 2 or 3 mm.
  • Aluminum or steel?
    Steel and aluminum differ in their properties and price. Aluminum is more than twice as light as steel, and also conducts heat much more efficiently. Weight and heat transfer are important properties for a gaming mini computer. The advantage of steel is the cheaper cost of the material, as well as slightly greater strength.
  • Specialists in computer assembly
    We can assemble a computer for you in one of our cases. Since we have an individual approach, we do not make assemblies in advance. Write to us at or social media. networks, for which tasks you need a computer, what budget and your preferences. We will offer the best assembly for the price and quality. The assembly service is paid, delivery across Ukraine by mail. We do not send assembled PCs to other countries, as we cannot guarantee the safety of the package. Also, such parcels may be subject to tax in your country. We recommend finding an assembly specialist in your country.
  • How hard is it?
    If you have experience in assembling full-size PCs, then after watching our video instructions, you will be able to assemble a computer in our cases without any particular problems. Those who do not have experience, but want to learn how to assemble assemblies on their own, we advise you to watch our video reviews and instructions more carefully, and if something is not clear, ask us.

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