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FX 4.9L



FX 4.9L rev.4 compact and lightweight aluminum case with internal power supply.  This case can be used to assemble a computer for work and entertainment. For example, it could be a build on a mini-ITX motherboard with core i5-13500 processors and an RTX 4060ti graphics card.

   The location of the components of the "Sandwich" type allows for good cooling. Thus, overheating of components can be avoided even without additional blowing by case fans.

  • The case is made of aluminum and steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm.

  • We offer linings made of Oak and Yasin

  • Compatible with mini video cards

  • Size: 225 x 190 x 115 mm

  • We paint with powder paint in different colors

  • The video card is connected via a PCI-e riser cable

  • Internal power supply unit of flex 1U format

  • Chassis supports 170 x 170mm mini-ITX motherboards

  • Compatible with mini graphics cards up to 180mm long, no wider than 130mm, two slots (up to 42mm)

  • Use low-profile CPU coolers that are no more than 48mm high.

  • Permissible height of RAM slats no more than 53mm

  • Internal power supply, flex 1U ATX format and no larger than 170x81x41mm

  • Next to the PSU, you can install a 2.5" drive

We recommend it for a game assembly, in a case

FX 4.9L following configuration.

  • CPU:      max TDP 95W

  • Cooler:  CRYORIG C7cu /C7G/
    malright AXP90-X47 Full Copper
                    Alpenfoehn BR "DAN"
                    NOCTUA L9i /NH-L9


  • GPU:     mini ITX RTX4060ti/ RTX3060

  • PSU:     FSP flexGURU500W
                   Enhance ENP-7660B

Case FX lm 4.9L
Case FX lm 4.9L
Case FX lm 4.9L
Case FX lm 4.9L
Case FX lm 4.9L
Case FX lm 4.9L
Case FX lm 4.9L wood
Case FX lm 4.9L wood
Case FX lm 4.9L wood
Case FX lm 4.9L windows
Case FX lm 4.9L
Case FX lm 4.9L
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