Warranty, exchange and return

The following information stipulates the terms of return and warranty for goods purchased on this site.
All conditions of the guarantee are valid within the framework of the Law of Ukraine on Consumer Rights Protection and are regulated by the Legislation of Ukraine


Warranty repair

If you encounter problems during the operation of the product, please contact exclusively our store.

The period of warranty repair includes the period of product diagnostics (from 1 to 14 days).

In the absence of repair spare parts in the service center, as agreed with the Buyer, the warranty repair period may be extended until the necessary spare parts arrive at the service center.

If repair is impossible, the product is replaced with the same or similar one. The operation to replace the product is carried out after mandatory testing of the product in the service center.

* We kindly request that when contacting the service center, provide the product in full set. This will ensure the correct identification of the malfunction and save you time in case of need to replace the product with a new one.


Exchange of goods or refund

According to the Law on Consumer Rights, you can refuse the goods sold by us within 14 (fourteen) days. The item must be returned undamaged in its original packaging, complete with accompanying documents.


All our products are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of payment. You can also count on online support even after the warranty period has expired. If you have any problem with our products please contact us custommodsff@gmail.com