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SX1 6.8L

We have resumed production of this model!


SX1 6.8L - light and strong aluminum body with a steel frame. Location of "Sandwich" components, allows for efficient cooling of components inside the case. 

The housing is designed for installation of standard video cards. However, if necessary, we can always increase the case of large graphics cards.

  • Compact case made of aluminum and steel

  • Compatible with standard dual-slot video cards

  • Size: 305 x 185 x 120 mm

  • We paint with powder paint in different colors

  • The video card is connected via a PCI-e riser cable

  • Compatible with SFX-L Power Supply Units

  • The power supply unit is located at the front, and the set includes an angled power cable

  • The case supports installation of   mini-ITX format system boards (170x170mm)

  • Compatible with video cards up to 300mm long, no wider than 130mm,
    two slots (up to 44mm)


  • Use CPU coolers with a height of no more than 48mm.

  • It is possible to install several 2.5" format drives under the power supply 

  • Internal power supply, SFX or SFX-L format

  • Support for case fans slim 92x92x14mm

SX1 6.8L
SX1 6.8L
SX1 6.8L
SX1 6.8L
SX1 6.8L
SX1 6.8L
SX1 6.8L
SX1 6.8L
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