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SL2 3.7L

    SL2 stl 3.7L rev.4 - steel case for mini PC with internal power supply.  It was designed for Intel Core and AMD RYZEN processors with integrated graphics. The key feature is support for coolers up to 70mm high.

   First of all, this compact case will suit developers who only care about CPU power. It is also ideal for building a PC as a media center.

  • The case is made of durable carbon steel 1mm thick

  • For builds without a graphics card, use a CPU with integrated graphics

  • Size: 228 x 183 x 88mm

  • We paint with powder paint in different colors

  • In the new revision, the side covers are removable

  • Installed special nuts with a thread of more than 3mm

  • The power button is now on the sidebar in front

  • Chassis supports 170 x 170mm mini-ITX motherboards

  • Use coolers to cool the CPU, no more than 70mm high.

  • Two 2.5" drives can be installed in a special basket
    *with the installed basket, coolers with a height of no more than 45mm are compatible.

  • You can also install one 2.5" drive without a cage.
    *maximum cooler height with this installation is no more than 60mm

  • The chassis is compatible with flex power supplies 1U 


Recommended for assembly, in a case

SL2 3.7L​the following configuration

  • CPU:      max TDP 130W

  • cooler:  NOCTUA NH-L9x65
                    Scythe Big Shuriken 3


  • PSU:      FSP flexGURU300W 
                   Seasonic SSP-300SUB

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