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SX3 11L

     SX3 11L a small case for a gaming PC.  You can install SRO* to cool the CPU and even the video card. Fairly easy assembly due to the simple design. Fan seats will allow for good ventilation inside the case. 

A video card with a thickness of up to three slots and a length of up to 305 mm can be installed in the case. There are fasteners for installing the radiator of the liquid cooling system. On the top of the case there are several connectors for headphones and a microphone, as well as a pair of USB 3.0 or 2.0 sockets.

*SRO - Liquid Cooling System

  • Compact case made of aluminum and steel

  • Compatible with three-slot video cards

  • Size: 315 x 234 x 152 mm

  • We paint with powder paint in different colors

  • Connecting the video card horizontally to the system board, and vertically through the PCI-e riser loop

  • Compatible with SFX-L Power Supply Units

  • The power supply unit is located at the front, the set includes an angled power cable

  • It is possible to install a liquid cooling system


  • ​The case supports installation 
    system boards of the mini-ITX format and
    mini-DTX (170x200mm)


  • Compatible with video cards up to 305mm long, no wider than 130mm, three slots (up to 60mm)

  • Use coolers for cooling the CPU with a height of no more than 125 mm or a cooler with a 120 mm, 140 mm or 240 mm radiator

  • It is possible to install several 2.5" drives on the front of the case

  • Internal power supply, SFX or SFX-L format

  • Support for case fans: 92mm from the back and top, 120-140mm from the bottom
    *from the bottom only if the video card has two slots


Recommended for MAXIMUM gaming build in

SX3 11L case the following configuration.

  • CPU:      Core i7 / RYZEN 7

  • Cooler:  Alphacool Eisbaer 240 CPU
                    NOCTUA NH-U9S / NH-D9L

  • GPU:      Nvidia RTX3080 FE
                    INNO3D RTX3080 TWIN X2 OC
                    ASUS TUF RTX3080 GAMING
                    Palit RTX3080 GamingPro OC

  • PSU:     Corsair SF750 PT /
    SilverStone SX750-PT / SX700-PT / SX700-G
    also compatible SFX-L PSUs:
    SilverStone SX1000-PT / SX800-LTI / SX700-LPT


Recommended for MEDIUM gaming build in

SX3 11L case the following configuration.

  • CPU:      Core i5 / RYZEN 5

  • Cooler: NOCTUA NH-U9S / NH-D9L


  • GPU:     Nvidia RTX2080 / RTX3060

  • PSU:     Corsair SF600 PT
                   SilverStone SX650-G / SX500-G
    also compatible SFX-L PSUs:
    SilverStone SX500-LG / TT Toughpower 600W / be quiet! L Power 600
    Seasonic FOCUS SGX-650 / SGX-500 / Fractal   ION 650W / 500W

SX3 lm 11L

Appearance of the SX3 lm 11L model with bevels. Aluminum panels.

SX3 lm 11L

On top of the case, the power button, USB and audio 3.5mm connectors

SX3 lm 11L

The appearance of the model SX3 stl 11L from Steel 1mm.

SX3 lm 11L

You can install multiple 92x92mm or smaller fans on top. Материнскую плату можно установить в самый верх, при этом вы можете установить трех слотовую видеокарту. Рекомендуем БП формата SFX.


120mm or smaller fans can be installed on top.

SX3 lm 11L

The video card can be connected via a riser cable. There are two positions. In the far position, you can install a graphics card up to three slots, while the maximum height of the CPU cooler will be 60mm. When installed on the near racks of a video card with a thickness of no more than 50mm, the maximum height of the cooler is 70mm.

SX3 lm 11L

When installing the video card vertically, you can only install a slim fan on the bottom of the case.


With a vertical arrangement of the video card, you can use an SFX-L PSU.

SX3 lm 11L prototype

Case fans on the side reduce the possibility of installing taller coolers.

SX3 lm 11L prototype

Compatible with three slot graphics cards

SX3 lm 11L prototype

3U tower coolers can be installed

SX3 lm 11L concept 02

The ability to vertically install the video card. Requires angled riser cable 150mm

SX3 lm 11L concept 02
SX3 lm 11L prototype

PSU can be rotated 180°

SX3 lm 11L prototype

CPU coolers up to 125mm high

SX3 lm 11L prototype

Two 2.5" drives can be mounted on the front

SX3 lm 11L prototype

Case fans: rear 92mm, bottom 2x140mm or 2x120mm

SX3 lm 11L prototype

Liquid cooling radiators can be mounted on the side

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