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FX2 6L

FX 6.png

FX2 6L compact and light aluminum case with an internal Power Supply Unit. The arrangement of components according to the "Sandwich" type allows you to take in cold air from behind the case and expel it upwards.

  • Aluminum case with a steel frame

  • Screw connection of case elements

  • Size: 225 x 225 x 120 mm

  • We use a PCI-e riser to connect the video card

  • Power supply units of flex format 1U 


  • The case supports the installation of mini-ITX format motherboards with a size of 170 x 170 mm

  • Compatible with mini video cards up to 215mm long, no wider than 130mm, two slots
    (up to 44mm) 

    *Zotac mini RTX 2070 Super 


  • Use low-profile coolers for CPU cooling, height no more than 48 mm.

  • The permissible height of the RAM bars is no more than 53 mm

  • Internal power supply, flex 1U ATX format and no larger than 190x81x41mm

  • Several 2.5" drives can be installed next to the PSU

FX2 6L
FX2 6L
FX2 6L
FX2 6L
FX2 6L
FX2 6L
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