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Support Page for SX3 Cases  11L 

On this page you will find all the necessary information for assembling a computer in our case SX 11L. Assembly in small cases can be difficult due to the compact arrangement of components. Our tips will help you assemble a computer quickly and correctly. Just follow our advice and recommendations. 

Assembling a computer requires certain knowledge and skills! If you do not have sufficient experience and knowledge in assembly, you can contact us. For buyers from Ukraine, we provide free assembly services in our buildings. We can also help with the selection of optimal components for your tasks.


 Preparation.  The upper cover in the latest revisions on the screws, unscrew them and remove the cover. The top cover can also be on magnets. Carefully pull the cover towards you and upwards from the front of the case. The side covers can be either completely on screws or partially on magnets.           
Make sure your components match the specifications of the SX3 11L case. 


 Installation of components.  

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