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SLM2 5.7L

SLM2 5.7L rev.5 - a case for a minicomputer, compatible with power supplies HDPlex 250W/500W GaN AIO. Maximum ease of assembly of the PC thanks to the simple design. Takes up little space in a backpack and on a desktop.

The case is suitable for gaming PCs with Core i5 processors and mini GeForce RTX 4070ti super video cards.

  • Aluminum case weighing 1.2 kg

  • Unique SKYSLOTS ventilation holes developed by NFC systems

  • Size: 350 x 246 x 66mm

  • We paint with powder paint in different colors

  • The video card is connected via a PCI-e riser cable

  • This case can accommodate
    PSU HDPlex 500W GaN AIO 
    PSU HDPlex 250W GaN AIO


  • Removable stand for vertical installation

  • ​The case supports the installation of  mini-ITX format system boards (170x170mm)

  • Compatible with mini video cards up to 242mm long, no wider than 135mm, 2.7 slots (up to 54mm)

  • Use low-profile coolers for CPU cooling, with a height of no more than 48mm.

  • The permissible height of the RAM bars is no more than 55 mm

  • Use one HDPlex 500W GaN AIO 
    or power HDPlex 250W GaN AIO

  • Several 2.5" format drives can be installed under the video card


Recommended for assembly, in the case

SLM2 5.7L r.5 following configuration.

  • CPU:     maximum TDP 95W

  • Cooler: CRYORIG C7cu /C7G/
                  "DAN"Alpenfoehn BR
                   NOCTUA L9i / NH-L9a 
    Thermalright AXP90-X47 Full Copper


  • GPU:     MSI Ventus2x RTX 4070ti super

  • PSU:     HDPlex 500W GaN AIO

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