Help in choosing a suitable Mini Enclosure.

Choosing a MINI Case can be a daunting task. In addition to the appearance, the future housing must fit all the necessary components. The choice of components directly depends on the future tasks that your PC will perform. Below we have tried to show which case models are better suited for certain tasks.

  • PC models without graphics cards.    Many modern processors, both intel and AMD, have integrated graphics that are enough for many everyday and work tasks. By assembling a computer without a video card, you save the budget. If you need a computer for modern games, then pay attention to larger cases.


The most compact model but external power supply. This can be a plus if the PC assembled in it is hung behind the monitor. Light weight will not wobble the monitor.


Slightly large model but with an internal 1U flex power supply. The weight of the assembled PC in such a case is about 2 kg. The case can also be hung behind a VESA 100x100 monitor.

SLM1m 2.png

Rugged aluminum case and internal power supply. If you want the most portable PC with an internal power supply, then this case is for you.