In our country, Ukraine, there is a war. But we continue to work and ship orders worldwide.

Production has been restored.

   You are on the website of the Ukrainian brand manufacturer of the most compact mini PC cases.

We design and manufacture stylish and durable metal cases. Our computers do not take up much space and can be easily taken with you.

We have moved and are ready to take your orders during this difficult time.


We make the most compact metal cases,

for your comfort!

SLM3 1.png

  • Own development and production

  • Lightweight and durable case thanks to
    aluminum-magnesium alloy and
    carbon steel


  • Thoughtful Ventilation for Each Model

  • The most durable powder paint

  • Delivery to more than 135 countries of the world!

SXM 6.3L 2.png
Our products are designed not only for Small Form Factor (SFF) connoisseurs, but also for anyone who wants a compact and powerful Computer.

  Computers assembled in our cases are suitable for:

  • travel for work or study, as they can easily fit in a backpack or bag